Frequently asked questions

What can be personalized?

Each Zeen frame can be coloured as you desire.

What colour can I choose?

All the colours of the rainbowand more.If you have an idea or exampleof a special colour you likesend it to us and we will paintyour bike with it.

Where Zeen Bikes are produced, designed, painted and assembled?

Zeen Bikes is a Swiss company based in Zurich. All the bikes are projected, hand-painted and assembled in Switzerland. The production of the single carbon component is Asia.

Which warranty offers Zeen Bikes?

We do offer 2 years warranty on each bike.

How are Zeen Bike shipped?

Any bike is personally shipped to the client address place and ready to be ridden. For us is important to “feel” ourclient satisfaction.

What is the Zeen Bikes price?

The Zeen Bikes prices goes frpm 3570 CHF up to 6490 CHF. The price depends on the groupsets. Shipment in Switzerland to the last mile is always included.

Are bikes shipped assembled?

Absolutely yes. All the bike are delivered to your delivery address ready to ride.

Does Zeen Bikes ship worldwide?

Absolutely yes, we do ship worldwide!

How long does it take to prepare and ship a Zeen Bike?

We do our best to deliver every bike within 40 days. You can always contact us to know the status of your order.

What is happening after warranty expiration?

Zeen Bikes is an independent shop, you can always contact us if you have any issues and we will alwaysfind a solution.

What is not coveredby the warranty?

The warranty doesn’t cover issue caused by the clientincluding paint scratchesand consumable components(i.e chain, tyres, tubes, brakes).

What is coveredby the warranty?

The warranty covers any carbon component structuralissue (frame, fork, handlebar,wheelset and saddle).Groupset - except for the chain - is also covered by the warranty.

What is the bike weight?

Zeen Bikes weight may vary depending on the choosedcomponents. Weight goes from6.9 kg up to 7.5 kg.

How can I get information or place an order?

On Instagram and on Facebook you will find many images of our creations. For more information, for a price quote or for a purchase, you can send an email to or you can submit a request directly via

What are the stages of production?

The graphic study, the construction of the frame, the painting, the final workings and the assembly.

What kind of carbon Zeen Bikes uses?

To obtain the best in terms of performance, stiffness, damping and reliability, we combine different types of fibers in the various lamination layers and in the different areas of the frame.

What does Zeen Bikes personalization consist of?

We have complete control of our production chain, so our customization offer is complete and covers all the details of the frame: - Graphics and colors - Components and wheels - Model Cosmo or Zara

What’s the price of a bike?

The price varies based on many parameters, but our team is always at your disposal. Get in touch at indicating the desired components and we will respond with an offer.

What colors can I choose from?

You have a lot of freedom, depending on the level of graphic customization chosen. You can find some color suggestions and possible combinations on our instangram profile. We use a large variety of colors, including metallic and iridescent. However, it is important to know that certain colors, such as iridescent, are extremely expensive which reflects to the cost of the graphics. Our graphic studio is always available to study together the style and color combination of your new Zeen Bike.

Can you replicate a graphic I saw on Instagram?

We can draw inspiration from existing graphics and colors but we do not want to clone graphics that have already been created, we like that our customers have unique products also aesthetically.

Can I come and visit you before launching the bike creation?

Yes, by appointment, we are happy to receive our future customers talking about their needs and our creations.

Can I have my old Zeen Bike repainted?

Yes, we can give new life to your beloved bike, contact us for a quote at

Can I trade in my used bike?

No unfortunately, we are not organized like a shop, we only sell our creations.

What Zeen does mean?

We believe riding a bike is much more than muscle and power. It is more about mind and body together. Here we are: cycling is being Zeen.